Suminter's commitment to organic farming directly benefits the environment and those living on and around the farms that convert to organic by eliminating chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides from the farming process. Not only do organic farming practices promote the health of the soil, air and water in which crops are grown, they also produce crops that have no chemical residues and a higher nutrient content than conventionally grown crops. These factors benefit the health of the end-consumers, who are increasingly aware of the environmental and health benefits of eating and buying organic.

Some of the projects that Suminter has successfully executed are -

PROJECT SAMRIDHI - This project is conceived by Suminter as an intervention to assist farmers in their quest for prosperity. The objective of the project is to enable farmers for augmentation of farm productivity through better know-how, access to technologies and access to quality inputs amongst others. The interventions taken up under the project includes:

Promotion of Drip Irrigation- Intelligent and rational usage of depleting water resources has become an utmost necessity across the globe. In agriculture, drip irrigation technology is a solution towards water conservation. Drip Irrigation technology has multiple benefits as enlisted -

  • Reduction in water usage by 75%
  • Reduction in power consumption by 75%
  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased runoff loss of soil and nutrients
  • Less growth of weeds due to in situ application of water
  • Reduction in overall cost of production

A group of 35 farmers were taken for an exposure to successful drip irrigation farms. Further, a subsidy of Rs.10,000/- per farmer was extended by Suminter to all farmers who intend to switch over to drip irrigation method. In the first stage the project envisages reaching out to 30 farmers with further scaling up in the concurrent phases.

PROJECT NIRMAL SANSADHAN - Water is nature’s most precious gift to mankind. Without it life could neither exist nor sustain. Water availability is a serious challenge that communities have to face on day to day basis. To address the woes project Nirmal Sansadhan was conceived. Under the project the following activities have been taken up:

Water Storage Tanks in Schools - Six schools were covered under the project for construction of water storage tanks

Community Based Drinking Water Project - Suminter has implemented 15 different projects for community based drinking water system. The range of projects includes integrated drinking water system in Mewasa, to Repair of Panchayat’s well in Ghaghretiya.

Community Based Drinking Water Project for Livestock - Since livestock are an important source of income to rural families the lean season spells havoc for the animals. Four drinking water projects for animals were implemented by Suminter.