One of Suminter's greatest advantages is the extensive network of over 20,000 organic farmers with whom we currently work. Suminter's primary supply of organic products comes directly from its farm projects in 9 states in India: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Kerala, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Mizoram. Having such a broad and diverse supply chain ensures that Suminter always provides its customers with the best quality products.

In all of its projects, Suminter promotes organic agriculture through training and certification. We encourage the concept of 'zero-cost' farming by providing seeds to farmers and training them to use various bio-manures, bio-pesticides and composting methods. This platform relieves the farmers of the upfront cost of seeds and other inputs and also ensures a high-quality, certified organic product.

A unique aspect of Suminter's model is its focus on the economic development of the farmers with whom we work. By providing continuing education in organic farming methods and promoting sustainable technologies, Suminter is making a marked difference in the lives of Indian farmers. For example, techniques such as own farm input production by utilising locally available herbs for fertility and pest management, promoting the farming of low water consumption crops and technics such as drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting have allowed some of Suminter's farmers to harvest twice as many crops annually, a shift that has significantly improved the economic viability of these farms and the well-being of these farm families.

Suminter’s Organic cotton project in Gujarat is certified Fair Trade since 2008 by FLOCERT GmbH, Germany. The project serves 5480 farmers covering 15,930 acres. In 2007, Suminter formed Gujarat Sustainable & Organic Farmers Association (GSOFA) which strictly works on the principle of consensus, democracy and transparency in all its dealings. Suminter serves as an advisor to the committee and helps with the execution of the yearly workplan. To date, Suminter has supported the projects for Socio-Economic Development related to water, livestock production, enviornmental resources conservation and funeral grounds.

Suminter looks forward to expanding its projects throughout India to bring even more farmers into the organic ecosystem while bringing the best possible quality and variety of Indian agriculture to its customers.

Gujarat - Suminter's projects are located in three districts - Surendra Nagar, Bhuj and Rajkot

Maharashtra - Suminter's projects are located in six districts - Akola, Amrawati, Wardha, Sholapur, Wasim and Buldana

Uttaranchal - Suminter's projects are located in two districts - Nainital and Haridwar

Rajasthan - Suminter's projects are located in three districts - Chitauragarh, Udaipur and Jodhpur

Kerala - Suminter's project is located in Idduki district

Orissa - Suminter's project is located in Kalahandi district

Madhya Pradesh - Suminter's projects are located in two district - Ghabuaa and Dindhori

Andhra Pradesh - Suminter's project is located in Visakhapatnam district

Mizoram - Suminter's project is located in Aizawl district