Committed to our no-short-cuts approach, Suminter has made large investments in globally recognized technologies.

All of our facilities are 100% organic certified. As such, all facilities are held with different organic standered compliances prevaling worldwide. The facility has implemented a food safety management system including HACCP, GMP+ and has been credited with BRC A grade.

Spice and Seed Processing: Suminter has been successfully running its own state of the art processing house located in Indore (central India) dedicated to 100% organic processing. The 15,000 square metric food park allows Suminter to provide products of the highest quality in compliance with international standards and customer requirements.

The company possese state of the art Eco2 Natural Fumigation Systems and Imtech-Steri steam sterilization unit. Eco 2 processes treat and fumigate organic agricultural commodities in a manner that increases product shelf-life and eliminates any chance of infestation in the produce for over two years, through natural and organic procedures. The steam sterilizer imported from Switzerland is the latest in steam technology that reduces and controls the microbial load of products in accordance with international organic standards. Alongwith this technology, Suminter has also invested in technologically advanced spice seed cleaning lines, blending lines and packaging lines.

Soyameal Processing: Suminter uses state-of-the-art machinery implemented extensively in the United Kingdom to process its soyameal and is GMP+ certified. Indian soyabean offers the additional benefits of having no risk of GMO contamination and having a higher protein content at nearly 38-42%. The soyameal machine allows Suminter to participate in the global market for organic animal feed.

Sugar Processing: Sugar processing occurs in Maharastra. The processing of organically grown sugarcane is done in fully automatic state of the art processing unit in a way that it retains the maximum levels of natural minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc Phosphorous, etc. in our organic sugar.

Nut Processing: While processing cashew nut kernals, Suminter processors skillfully remove the kernals intact from the shell and then grades them carefully to superior standards.

Cotton Processing: Cotton is processed in our in-house ginning facility in Gujarat. The operation of the unit meets 100% ethical norms and is compliant with the ETA codes based internal standards, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) and organic exchange(OCS). The unit produces some of the finest 29 mm staple cotton fibre.