Ensuring customer delight

A clear customer focus directs every aspect of our operations including product quality, pricing and delivery.

Product: Suminter ensures that all products are 100% organic and 100% GMO free, procured from organic-certified farms and meet international standards.  Customers are further assured that the order matches customized specifications exactly and products are shelf-ready and of consistent quality.

Price: Agriculture is a volatile industry with little foresight into next year's crop prices.  In today's global economy the happenings in one part of the world largely affect the prices in another part of the world.  Suminter does its best to provide its customers market intelligence and absorb the price changes when possible.

Delivery: Time is undoubtedly the most perishable commodity in today's highly-competitive markets.  With a keen awareness of the impact that delayed or inaccurate orders can have on our customer's businesses, we are fully committed to meeting our deadlines.  We have built a stable and growing base of loyal customers by ensuring orders are delivered within the stipulated timed period and assuring customers of year-round availability of products.