The one-stop-shop for Indian organics

With six distinct organic business lines - Spices & Herbs, Cane Sugar, Fiber, Oil Seeds and Animal Feed, Cereals and Nuts - Suminter offers perhaps the widest and deepest range of organic farm produce from India under one roof, delivering better value and enabling buyers to rationalize their procurement costs.  Further our massive network of certified farm projects across nine Indian states gives us the capacity to meet high-volume requirements of large buyers.

By consistently offering only the best produce that is 100% organic and 100% GMO-free, with uncompromising quality checks at every stage, Suminter has earned the trust of buyers in 19 countries spread over 5 continents.  Going beyond prevailing conditions and practices, Suminter continues to anticipate the evolving demands of international markets and invest in the resources, network, technology and expertise to meet the current and future needs of our customers.