You’ve probably heard the term organic spices making the rounds in the health conscious circles, but never quite knew what the hype was all about? Stretch your memory back, and you’ll likely recall your grandparents grousing that spices these days don’t smell the same or taste the same, which is mainly due to the hazardous pesticides used in their production. Organic spices, on the other hand, extra care is taken to ensure the safety of the spices by destroying all the pathogens using cutting-edge technology, and making sure that you consume nothing but the best.


The sad truth is that pesticides are used in generous quantities these days to promote faster growth, most of which involve a combination of chemicals like phosphorous acid, metalaxyl, carbofuran and other suspicious substances. These are used to kill pests that might interfere in the proper growth of spices, and while not fatal to humans, they certainly aren’t any good either. The overuse of pesticides have been linked with several developmental issues like ADHD and autism. In the case of organic spices, due precaution is undertaken to make sure that spices are cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides, so that you can rest assured that you are consuming wholesome, healthy spices and not disguised chemicals.


Many spices come with a host of health benefits that are inherently intended to boost your immunity, however, these fringe benefits are often lost down the line due to the use of excessive chemical fertilizers. Going the organic way ensures that you aren’t inviting harmful chemicals like methyl bromide into your daily plate of food. With diligent use of organic manures, this healthier alternative ensures that the nutrients in the spices remain intact.


Before your spices hit the markets, they go through a sterilization process. Sterilization methods like fumigation and irradiations only end up complicating the matters further, as they use numerous chemicals or gamma radiations, which don’t bide well for your health. In the case of organic spices, safer processes like steaming or dry heat are used to sterilize the spices. These methods use plain steam from water to kill the bacteria, while retaining the flavors of the spice and negating the use of any chemicals.


Most of the pesticides contain high traces of antibiotics that are used to save the plant from a host of diseases. When you end up consuming these antibiotics, even in small amounts, they play havoc with your immune system. With prolonged consumption, the immune system is seriously weakened by the overdose of antibiotics. This, in turn, snatches away the ability of the nervous system to defend itself, making you more prone to diseases.


Organic spices come with the assurance of zero chemicals by utilizing bio-fertilizers and organic manures for the purpose of fertilization. With nothing interfering with its composition, the nutrient content of the spices is much higher as compared to their non-organic counterparts. This also enhances the natural flavors and aromas that are meant to be inherently associated with the spices, ensuring that you have an aromatic plate of sumptuous food on your table every single day.