More than just products.

Social responsibility is at the heart of Suminter and we strive to contribute to the people and communities around us. Through our contributions, we have been able to provide economic, social and environmental benefits to our communities.

Making a difference
that is real and sustainable

What we do goes way beyond producing and selling products. If we are not making a lasting impact within our communities and environment, we are not making a difference. Suminter is committed to protecting the local ecosystem by working closely with farmers to find sustainable ways to grow, harvest and processing organic goods in sustainable ways. Our commitment extends to improving the lives of farmers and communities that we work with, through contributions which empower them.

Suminter has divided its activities into two main initiatives, SIGO (Suminter India Grow Organic Campaign) and Project Samridhi.

Under SIGO, we build awareness on organic farming and provide technical know-hows on organic farming practices to our farmers. For new farmers, we also provide input support which include seeds and other fertilizers to get them started. Project Samridhi, on the other hand, focuses on the development of farm families’ livelihood, health and hygiene awareness, education and capacity-building.

Through our activities encompassing both initiatives, we’ve been able to make economic, social and environmental contributions.