There’s a breeze of fresh ideology sweeping through the corporate world. A paycheck simply isn’t enough to keep the workforce committed to their jobs anymore; increasingly, people are questioning the value of their jobs, and analyzing whether they are growing or contributing to the society in a significant way. With a mission of crafting a wholesome, all-rounded workplace, Suminter India Organics consistently values and encourages the growth of all of its talented employees. Here are a few reasons why Suminter boasts an ever-growing dynamic teamand also why you should consider it for your next career choice.


Gone are the days when people fancied organizations that focused solely on filling their own pockets, without considering the impact they have on the communities around them. Going beyond the numbers, people are increasingly placing importance on feeling a sense of satisfaction from their jobs where they spend so much time. When the job that you are devoting your working hours to is making significant strides towards sustainability and providing a better livelihood for farmers, you can rest assured that your contribution has a larger role that goes beyond daily corporate life.


Imagine working for a high-end company that produces hazardous goods, where the returns are comparatively higher. But giving a minute’s thought to the impact that it has on the environment and consumers will surely send a shudder down your spine. People are increasingly questioning the ethics of the products they create, and the team at Suminter India Organics is bound together with the happy knowledge that they are a part of an organisation that strives to deliver the best product possible while impacting the lives of thousands of farmers.


When an organisation goes the extra mile to ensure that its activities are mindful of communities around them, it starts at home, with its family of employees. Every member of the company has a vital role that keeps every function running like clockwork to work towards a common goal. The amount of respect, credit and attention given to each of the employees at Suminter India Organics right from the senior-most level to the junior-most ones is what has created a loyal, happy workforce. Today, the success of the establishment is duly allotted to everyone working right from the ground level to senior managerial executives.


Being associated with an establishment that has its moral duties aligned with their daily activities serves as a source of immense pride for stakeholders, including employees. It is a widely known fact that while seeking a job, 8 out of 10 workers look for employers who invoke a sense of pride by working towards sustainability. The Suminter brand is synonymous with integrity and quality, and encourages the these values through all standards and practices.


Suminter prides itself on its core values and consistently seeks talent whose values align with our own. Providing quality organic products while empowering farmers is at the heart of Suminter and this collective goal echoes in every team member’s contribution to the company. When organizational and personal goals align, it makes for a rewarding career and work experience all around.

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