Our commitment to organic farming directly benefits the environment and those living on and around the farms. By removing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, organic & natural farming practices promote the health of the soil, air and water on farms and produce crops that have no chemical residue.

Promotion of sustainable ,organic & natural farming

Ever since Suminter was founded, we have dedicated our energy and resources in motivating farmers to convert from conventional agriculture methods to sustainable, organic & natural practices. With dedicated personnel on the ground, we continually guide and support member farmers through this process. Some major impacts include:


Farmers have reported marked improvement in the quality of soil, which is now more porous and produces more yield due to the addition of more organic & natural inputs in the soil.


With inputs and our support, the farmers are achieving better awareness on managing the nutrition of their farmland. Instead of burning or discarding crop residue from farms like they did in the past, they are now putting most of organic & natural waste back into the farm ecosystem.

There has been a marked reduction in water required by crops during the season; we have documented an average reduction of upto 25%. This stems from enhanced soil porosity and an enhanced water retention capacity of the soil. In the past, use of chemical fertilizers led to the hardening of the top soil which led to lower absorption and bigger run-off loss in irrigation. In a year with scanty rainfall, the impact of soil’s water retention capacity is clearly noticeable.