The global organic market is in its bullish phase, touching a turnover of 90 billion dollars. As per reports from authentic sources, the industry is expected to witness even steeper growth in the coming years. Keeping with the global trend, the Chinese organic food market is also growing in similar spirit, with a nearly 5% rise in export of organic produce.

The numbers suggest that Chinese organic food exports constitute a 5% share in the global organic food industry. With the rising importance given by an increasing number of individuals to consume healthy food and live by higher standards, the demand for local organic food is also getting a significant boost.

Given the present market conditions and effective demand for organic products, Biofach China is an attempt to live up to and nurture the vision of fuelling the “next generation of organic food” for all players in the industry.


What Is Biofach China 2018?

Biofach is a leading trade fair focused on organic food, with its footprints across several prominent global destinations including USA, Japan, South Africa and Shanghai.

The Chinese edition of Biofach commenced first in 2007, drawing its roots from Biofach Germany, the world’s leading organic food trade fair. In its earlier chapters, Biofach China has successfully helped more than 2,000 international and Chinese companies find ideal business prospects in the industry.

The exhibit is globally recognized to be one of the best organic business forums where organizations can build or enhance their brand presence, announce and release new products or services and expand their current distribution channels.

The event details described below –

Dates: 24th May 2018 – 26th May 2018

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, 1099 Guo Zhan Road

The event is best described as a must visit nexus, in order to keep up with the nuances of the global organic industry.

What Are The Key Highlights of Biofach China 2018?

Here are some prominent reasons to visit Biofach China this year –

 Only High Quality Products Showcased

Each product showcased in the exhibit is required to go through strict admission criterion as outlined by the organizer, under the patronage of IFOAM. This is something that will ensure showcase of only high quality and genuine products in the exhibit.

Huge Variety Of Products On Display

The event is a great opportunity to visit the stalls of more than 400 national and international exhibitors who are going to showcase the best versions of their organic products and services. You can expect a vast and diverse product portfolio on display, spanning from organic food products to beverages. In addition, you will find services for the organic industry, aromatherapy products, and organic cosmetics along with organic cotton products and textile related merchandise.

Some noteworthy products you must have a look at include the high-demand ready to eat organic food from Waah Organic and virgin coconut oil available at booth F21.

Networking Paradise

The event offers an exclusive platform, within the geography of China, to exchange face-to-face conversations with prominent professionals and businessmen from different verticals of the organic industry, coming from various parts of the world.

You may interact with people from domains such as import and trade export, certification institutions, wholesale and retail industry, food producing and processing industry, organic food associations and specialists and of course, the media.

Stay Upbeat With Knowledge Packed Conferences

The event will also host some exciting knowledge packed conferences to keep you abreast with the latest trends and developments in the Chinese organic market.

You can be a part of seminars with their theme around the international organic market, protecting the environment, and also around the latest fad of veganism.

In these talks, you can expect to hear straight from the experience of international and local professionals from government bodies, marketing, agricultural field etc.

Organic-focused Special Activities

The event will give you a chance to take part in special activities like ‘Innovative Product Launch Zone’, ‘Organic Passport – Tailored Visiting Route for International Products’, ‘New Product Display Area’, that are sure to engross you with their infectious spirit.

Great Curated Experiences

The event gets its best flavor from some great-curated experiences.

You can be a part of several live interaction sessions in the form of ‘Organic Restaurants’, ‘Organic Club – Organic Life Interactive Experience Area’ or ‘ Tea Competition – Selection of the Best Tea of the Year’ to name a few. Participating in these will definitely unlock a great chance to taste and enjoy various types organic food and services.

With all its highlights as one of the best organic trade shows, you can feel convinced that Biofach China 2018 is a great exhibit to visit, keeping up with the latest developments and products and services along with networking opportunities with industry experts and organic producers from different parts of the world.