Although this spice has an ancient history, you’ve most likely heard of turmeric being the latest superfood on the block. Turmeric has a well-earned global reputation owing to its powerful medicinal properties, that can cure a host of diseases and illnesses. If you’ve been looking to incorporate the virtues of this superfood into your daily meals without drastically changing your cuisine preferences, here are the easiest ways to add it to your diet, suitable for every palate.


You can easily include organic turmeric in your regular breakfast by simply adding a pinch  of it to your eggs. Whichever way you prefer your eggs, be it scrambled, omelette, quiche or frittata, turmeric will give it a vibrant color pop without altering the regular taste that your taste buds are accustomed to.


It is also a great idea to use turmeric to season your salads, by directly sprinkling a little organic turmeric on your chopped veggies. Curcumin, a compound present in turmeric, also aids weight loss, thus enhancing the benefits of your salad. Pairing it with black pepper increases the absorption of curcumin by more than 2000%, making it yet more effective.


The absorption rate of curcumin in the bloodstream is pretty low. To increase its absorption, you can boil it for around 10 minutes to enhance its solubility. What better way to consume boiling hot turmeric water, than by leisurely spooning up a hot bowl of soup? Not only will it add a pleasant tinge to your soup, but you can also rest assured that the optimal amount of curcumin is being absorbed by your bloodstream.


Get a little creative with your usual marinades by adding turmeric to it. Infuse the power of turmeric into your meats and chickens by sautéing the turmeric first, in order to get maximum nutrition out of it. Be ready to serve up tiny platters of sunshine to your loved ones, and bask in the compliments.


It is highly unlikely that you have missed out on the viral turmeric lattes, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow swearing by this power-packed beverage. Golden Milk, as she fondly calls it, can easily be prepared at home as well. Sip on it every night and bask in its healing, anti-inflammatory properties.

As is the case with all spices, consuming inorganic condiments can not strip away the nutritional benefits with the chemical procedures used, but also expose you to a host of diseases which tag along due to the fumigation and radiation that the ingredients are exposed to. At Suminter India Organics we ensure that all products that reach you are organic, natural and non-GMO. Go ahead and stock up your pantry with the freshest and safest Turmeric Powder, without worrying about any side-effects.