For those who aren’t in the know, Natural Products Expo East is amongst the largest annually organised, natural and organic tradeshows. The event that took place in September at Baltimore, housed over 9000 booths, and saw a huge footfall. It is inarguably THE place to get on with the latest trends and innovative ideas in all things healthy, natural and organic. An amazing platform to get your business the boost it needs on an international level, and to get those sales to new highs. If you couldn’t make it, here’s what you missed out on.

Having exhibited at multiple editions of the Natural Products Expo East 2018, Suminter India Organics returned to a rousing response at the Baltimore edition. The eponymous booth featured the very best of the brand’s offerings with a robust roster of products, which was offered to the attendees for sampling to delight their taste buds.

As an homage to India’s nuanced culinary heritage, Waah Organic featured the very best of rustic staples that offered the attendees a true glimpse of authentic Indian cuisine. Among the products featured were Rajma Masala (kidney bean curry), Chana Masala (chickpea curry), Vegetable Biryani (rice cooked with vegetables), Vegetable Pulao (mixed regetable rice), Dal Makhani (black lentil curry) and Dal Tadka (yellow lentil curry). The promise of authentic flavors is doubled down with Waah Organic’s commitment to organic produce, with only natural fertilizers used to keep your insides as healthy as nature intended. Learn more about this delicious range at

Gone are the days when snacking is considered to be unhealthy and a means of putting on undesired weight. With the advent of innovative healthy snacking ideas, a variety of superfoods are morphed into flavourful versions that people would love to snack on. Leading the list of trending snacking options is lotus seeds, brought to you with an extra kick of flavor by Hopapops, the newest addition to the our brand family. Hopapops features five exciting flavors, including a zesty Mango Habanero. Packed with amino acids and vitamins, this alternative to junk food comes with the promise of antioxidants and zero gluten to ensure that you indulge your mid-day cravings the right way.

Hopapops’ all-natural offering earned a feature on New Hope Network, a popular portal at the forefront of the healthy products lifestyle industry. Named among the top 13 snacks spotted at the Natural Expo East 2018, the product was lauded for its uniquely distinctive taste. “The popped lotus seeds are infused with a sweet-spicy blend of spices for a memorable snacking experience,” says Jenna Blumenfeld, Senior Food Editor at New Hope Network.

The composition of the healthy yet flavorful snack leverages the increased awareness around healthy eating choices, as people globally start questioning their food choices and opt for conscious decisions instead of picking up junk food off the rack. Given the scanner that gluten has been put under for its role in contributing to celiac disease and intestinal damage, it is imperative that you read the food labels twice on your usual grocery run, and where possible, opt for completely gluten-free alternatives, like the Hopapops Popped Lotus Seeds. Keep an eye out for this exciting brand as it makes waves in the natural food world.