Turmeric has been used not only to add that extra zing to Indian curries since times immemorial, but its healing powers have also earned a special place in history. Backed by recent scientific research, it is making a huge comeback as the ultimate superfood. Read on to find out how this humble herb can give all your expensive cosmetics a run for their money, and provide more effective and lasting results.


Exposure to the harmful rays of the sun causes discolouration, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, tanning and freckling, to say the least. Curcumin, the natural compound found in turmeric, possesses anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties that are responsible for photo-protection. Excessive exposure to sunlight initiates an inflammatory reaction which leads to redness and swelling of the skin, which can be easily treated by curcumin. It also works wonders in reducing sun tans.


With the passage of time, our skin loses its elasticity, giving it a wrinkled and saggy look. Curcumin is known treat the oxidative imbalances and support antioxidant defences, which translates to a younger and fresher looking skin. Several studies also back up the claim that turmeric is extremely beneficial in preventing the process of premature aging.


Pimples tend to crop up when the skin pores are clogged and infected, but owing to the anti-microbial properties of turmeric, it works as a great cure for infections. Direct application of a little turmeric powder helps control the excess oil secretion and destroys the bacteria. Also, any inflammation left behind by the zit can be easily be removed with a paste of turmeric and honey.


Get an instant glow on your face by applying a mask of turmeric and milk. The texture of turmeric provides perfect exfoliation, and helps maintain proper oil levels in your skin, making it lesser prone to bouts of acne. It also works overtime to even out the natural skin tone, and lightens age spots, discolorations and other scars. If you have oily skin, replace the milk with honey to avoid excessive oiliness.


It is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard the miraculous healing power of turmeric on cuts and wounds. Applying it on cuts instantly helps to clot your blood to avoid excessive blood loss. Its anti-bacterial properties make sure that bacteria does not enter your bloodstream via the open wound. It also relieves the inflammation, so there isn’t a nasty scar left behind by the wound.

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