The humble coconut does way more than quenching the thirst of beach-goers, and has earned the esteemed ‘superfood’ tag, as it is host to a plethora of health benefits. The proof lies in the facts: populations where coconut is a dietary staple enjoy excellent health and well-being, with an extremely low rate of heart diseases. More often than not, healthy food items carry the baggage of being unpalatable; but in the case of coconuts, it is delicious and nutritious, in equal measure. Right from the rejuvenating coconut water, to the thin flesh of the young coconuts and the thick meat of the mature ones, you can enjoy them as they are or add it to any dish. All that, while saving you from a host of illnesses. Read on to discover the impressive list of benefits that it has to offer.


The anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties of coconut are what ranks it high up in the list of natural immunity boosters. Consumption of coconut oil on a regular basis can help you ward off bacteria and viruses that cause illness. Eating raw coconut is a known cure for illnesses like bronchitis, urinary tract infection, throat infections, tapeworms and other microbial ailments.


The next time you feel low on energy, instead of those expensive energy bars, try sipping on some coconut water or biting on its meat. The body doesn’t store its nutrients as fat; it alternatively uses them to produce energy and also improves endurance, especially if you are involved in some physically draining activity. Besides, it also promotes the proper functioning of the thyroid, which is known to alleviate the symptoms of chronic fatigue.


Regular consumption of coconut proves extremely beneficial for the health of your bones and teeth. Especially for the lactose intolerant crowd out there, it acts as an excellent substitute for milk when it comes to maintaining the bone health. It helps in the absorption of calcium and manganese that are essential for the development of bones. It also plays an important part in preventing osteoporosis, a health condition which makes the bones fragile.


Flawless, youthful skin is the dream of every breathing human on this planet. The antioxidant properties of coconut oil assists in slowing down the ageing process by safeguarding your body from harmful free radicals. Make a habit of massaging it on your skin and hair before showering, to allow the opening of pores and make it easier for the oil to absorb completely into the skin.


Obesity is one of the biggest evils that has our generation in its grip. The most lasting and efficient way to tackle this problem is to regulate our diet with items that fulfill our energy needs and curb extreme hunger pangs. This is where coconut comes to your rescue, the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil help in boosting metabolism and aid in the fat loss process. From the digestive tract, these MCTs go directly to the liver, where they are either converted to energy or turned into ketone bodies. The ketone bodies are known to have an appetite reducing effect, that further aids weight loss.

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