Back in the day, when painkillers and antibiotics couldn’t be popped at the drop of a hat, ginger reigned as the ultimate solution to a host of ailments. Now, with the advent of medical drugs and antibiotics, it lurks around the sidelines with all its healing prowess still intact, waiting to be rediscovered. Read on for some little known facts about this superfood that will make you want to stock it up right this instant.


You probably must have heard your grandmother suggest ginger tea every time you suffered from a bout of cough and cold. Being a natural analgesic, ginger helps soothe the irritation of a sore throat. Gingerol, a bioactive substance present in fresh ginger, has anti-inflammatory properties that can kill viruses responsible for causing cold.


Popping in a painkiller every month to combat the pesky menstrual cramps could be harming your body more than you could ever know. You could instead opt for a natural alternative to skip the side-effects caused by frequent drug intake. Ginger is known to be just as effective as painkillers, and it can also reduce blood loss and have a positive effect on PMS. Just consume 250 grams of ginger powder for an easier, pain-free menstrual cycle.


Ginger has a long history as a remedy for sea sickness and motion sickness. While it may not be as effective for curing a vomiting spell, if taken at the advent, it acts as an excellent cure for nausea. Also, expectant mothers suffering from morning sickness can use it to douse the bouts of nausea quickly and effectively.


Those suffering from dyspepsia i.e. chronic indigestion know that the recurrent stomach pain, due to improper bowel functioning, is a curse. Rather than going in for expensive medicines, try a simple trick that could offer faster and better results. Ginger is known to speed up the process of emptying the stomach for people in this condition. Just add a little ginger powder to your meals to avail its benefits.


A paste of fresh ginger root works wonders in alleviating the pain caused by burns, and it also fastens the  process of burnt skin restoration. Rubbing a slice of ginger on the marks left behind by burns can help in reducing the scars at a much faster rate. Ensure that you use a fresh slice of ginger every time to avoid infections.

To ensure that you are using ginger free from all pesticides and harmful agents, you can add stem treated, Organic Ginger Powder from Suminter India Organics to avail the pure benefits of the superfood, instead of a side-effects laden spice.