For the past few decades, there has been an ongoing, laudable effort by conservationists across the globe to emphasize on the desperate need for businesses to look for ways that are financially feasible, socially responsible and environmentally viable. Today, the cheapest of products in the market tend to have the most negative impact on the environment. Even for the ones that do care for the preservation of the ecosystem, the comparatively higher production costs of a sustainable product might act as a deterrent from buying them. Read on to know about the ways in which buying sustainable products can actually help in the stabilizing and improving the economy and the environment you live in.


In many places, farmers own vast stretches of land, but they don’t have the means to cultivate the entire land. So they simply cultivate a small part just enough to feed their own family, and leave the rest empty. In times where farmers the world over are struggling to keep up with the increasing demand, it is criminal for acres of fertile land to be left unattended. Suminter India Organics takes up the initiative and provides farmers with financial assistance to buy the seeds and irrigate the land. Apart from this, the farmers are also educated regarding the latest organic farming techniques that can be applied to improve the quality of soil and the crops.


A major portion of the production costs can be saved by simply eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Instead, the use of organic alternatives and releasing other pest predatory organisms is highly promoted. The use of farm manure in place of fertilisers is also encouraged. Additionally, to keep pests away, some trap crops are grown in a corner of the field to keep the pests away from the valuable crops. This not only saves costs, but also boosts the biodiversity by allowing different species of plants, insects and animals to coexist happily. Suminter is not only in favor of the above mentioned procedures, but it also picks up the materials from the farm-gates, thus additionally saving the transport-cost of the farmers.


The removal of any intermediary from a supply chain by cutting out the middlemen is termed as disintermediation in economics. Often, the farmers are exploited at the hands of middlemen who fill their own pockets and pay the farmers the bare minimum. A promoter of complete transparency, Suminter India Organics deals with the farmers directly, without the involvement of brokers or middlemen. This gives the farmers a fair chance to source their crops to a global market without having to expend extra effort.


Many people believe that skipping pesticides and chemical fertilizers will prove to be detrimental in the speed or quantity of growing crops. This, however, couldn’t be more untrue; when you completely remove the dependency of the crop on artificial means and use only organic methods to nurture the farm, you will see significant positive results. The efforts that are put in to maintain the ecosystem of the farm pay off handsomely in terms of better yield, superior crop quality and an extremely fertile soil that can be used for generations to come. In addition, Suminter India Organics also pays a premium to the farmers for their produce which ends up contributing to a growth of not less than 10-15% in the farmer’s income.