It is a stark reality that the farmers who are responsible for feeding the entire population are often left hungry and penniless. Fairtrade International is an international certification body, that delves deep into the international trading scenario, and looks to strike a balance of equity amongst all its stakeholders. Its logo now symbolizes the assurance that the products have been passed through rigoros Fairtrade political standards, that are recognized and trusted in over 75 countries across the globe. The organization has worked for more than 25 years to build a genuine reputation and trust. Here’s why you should look for the Fairtrade mark when shopping for products.


This one-of-its-kind initiative looks to empower farmers and give them their due rights and fair pricing that covers all the production costs of sustainable items. They connect directly with over 1.65 million farmers and workers in about 75 countries, which in turn helps in boosting the economy of these countries by giving the local farmers and workers a chance to earn a decent living and become contributing members that can enable the country’s  development. Skipping the concept of middlemen is also a major action that enables the financial growth of farmers.


Another striking aspect about this organization is that, the standards that are set for the certification of products are not just the genius of the well-educated panel members. They take into consideration the point of view of the farmers as well, as the farmers have an actual insider’s view on things. The standards are then set harmoniously, by keeping in mind the social, economic and environmental impacts involved. It supports a wholly democratic approach in setting the standards.


The Fairtrade Mark has become synonymous with trust in a majority of countries. This was possible only because they strived hard to set standards that guarantee the best quality, the least negative impact on the environment and a scope for development of poor farmers. When you buy a product that has been certified by Fairtrade, you can rest assured that is going to be the healthiest and tastiest version of the product that you can find in the market. This is because they don’t believe in mass production at a low cost,and the farmers completely commit to sustainable agricultural practices, which in many cases also includes organic products and ingredients.


More often than not, unfair trading practices exist in a society because the general public is clueless about the impact of buying cheaper products from the market. They need to be made aware about how their decisions can directly affect the lives of farmers. To facilitate public awareness, Fairtrade frequently arranges public awareness campaigns so that consumers are informed and can make an educated choice when shopping. This helps them pick up the right products that can help save the environment and build the economy.

Suminter India Organics’ commitment to sustainability translates into complete compliance with these aforementioned goals, and is proud to have several of its projects certified by Fairtrade, thereby going one step further to ensure that the product you have in your hand has the least negative impact on the environment and its caregivers.